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Comments from Teenagers

“I always knew I should wait, but now I know why and I plan to save my virginity till marriage.” Franklin Middle School Student, Female Age 14

“I learned a lot. I had a girlfriend a while ago always talking about sex and it was uncomfortable. I know now how to avoid it.” Milliken Middle School, Male Age 13

“I renewed my virginity after I lost it almost a year ago, and I still wish I waited because now it’s hard to say no to sexual contact when you like someone but this program really is going to help.” Greeley West High School, Female Age 16

“It helped me see that I am doing the right thing by saying no and waiting till marriage.” Eaton High School, Male Age 15

“This presentation was very moving. I was recently thinking about having sex with my boyfriend and now I’m going to wait.” University High School, Female Age 16


2021-2022 School-Year Highlights(PDF, 6MB)

2022-2021 School-Year Highlights(PDF, 8MB)