Policies and Standards

According to the Colorado Department of Education, statute CRS 22-1-110.5, human sexuality education must maintain standards that are based on scientific research and:

  • Encourage family involvement and communication;
  • Emphasize abstinence and teach that sexual abstinence is the only certain way and most effective way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and infections;
  • Help students develop skills for making responsible and healthy choices;
  • Include discussion of how alcohol and drug use impairs responsible and healthy decision making;
  • Be age appropriate, culturally sensitive, and medically accurate;
  • Include the health benefits and potential side effects of using contraceptives and barrier methods to prevent pregnancy;
  • Promote character education.

WeldWAITS Aligns with House Bill 1032: WeldWAITS Fits the Bill!(PDF, 188KB)

WeldWAITS lessons Alignment with Colorado State Health Ed Standards(PDF, 1MB)