Teachable Moments

Father and Son Driving in a car

Take advantage of the "teachable moments" that occur naturally rather than contriving to have an awkward, structured "TALK"!

In the car while you are driving. This casual environment promotes an opportunity to get to know your child, talk about nothing, sing along to the radio, or talk about deeper topics without interference. This works best if you suggest no headphones or texting during this time!

During your favorite show. Ask questions like, "Do you think this could really happens? Will the characters have any consequences from their actions (physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and/or spiritually)?  How do you think the characters feel? Who might be affected by their decisions or actions?

When there is a pregnancy at their school.  Discuss the affects that a pregnancy has on the person, the family, the school, and society. What are your expectations and rules for dating? How would your family handle this situation? 

Looking at magazine ads or tv commercials. This may create opportunities to talk about body image,  media manipulation of images (photoshop, airbrushing), family values, and normalization of unhealthy behaviors.

Shopping for clothes. Another opportunity to talk about body image, character, and values.

Mother and daughter shopping

Before  bed.  Take  10 minutes to talk about their day, plans for the next day, and important decisions to be made. You may be pleasantly surprised at how willing your teen is to talk at this time of day!

After an SRA Presentation at school. Usually students want to know more about their parent's values and expectations after an SRA presentation. This is your moment!  Communicate your expectations, values, and hopes for their future. Let them know you are are proud of them.